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Become an ALL-STAR! make the game winning shot, take the buzzer beating decision. Be all that you can be! In this event you can go back in time, or go into the future to participate at an olympic event. You will participate in an olympic event of your choice where you wil have favorable odds at winning. Inside a stadium of 20,000 fans as they raise 'OLE Glory and sing the national anthem. All the while, chanting your name! A Gold medal around your neck, you have done your country proud!


- Full Uniform

- 1st Class AirFare (48 continental us states)

- 2 Days, 1 night hotel at the HILTON (all-inclusive)

- Limosene transportation

- Stadium Filled with 20,000 fans

-  Official Gold Medal from the Olympics


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Price: $8,590.00
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